Mental health and the vegan diet



Hello. I know a lot of you follow a vegan diet. I used to. But since I was diagnosed with  depression and my doctor told me It was not good for me I stopped. The truth is I miss cooking vegan meals, I always have fun trying to cook new recipes from different blogs. I want to come back to It cause I love vegan food so much more than meat for sure. I am just scared It will not be good for my brain… probably a lot of you may think It is weird  I stopped my vegan diet because of what a doctor said but the truth is I was committed to treat myself and wanted to make everything I could to help me recover. So, I follow what my psychiatrist said. I think probably was because a lack of information about the effects of a vegan diet in mental health that leed me to make this decison without much thinking.

Share with me your thoughts and experiences. Have you ever had a doctor told you a vegan diet was not good for you? I didn’t have arguments to discuss It with the doctor. Do you know any reliable articles about the vegan diet and mental health? Please comment below and help me out here.

Thank you so much.


Oil Pulling, yes or no ?


Meridian Organic Sesame Oil


If you are a vegan you probably have heard of oil pulling before.

Are you doing It right?

Reading this article,, I discovered I was doing It totally wrong.

Here´s how It should be done:

  • First thing in the morning, before breakfast, drink a full glass of water. After,swish the oil in your mouth.
  •  Swish It around for 20 min (recommended).
  •  Afterwards swish with salt water.
  • Finally, brush your teeth and floss.

Do you practice oil pulling too? Let me know in the comments section bellow.


Coconut Oil, a Vegan Must

Image result for coconut oil


I´ve started using coconut oil a few years ago when everybody was talking about It. Ever since It has become my absolute beauty fave.

Right now I’m using this amazing oil as a moisturizer in my face and body after a shower, in my hair as an overnight mask, as a makeup remover and for cooking my omelette.

Check this article from for more details.




End of Summer Bucket List

VEGAN-PISTACHIO-and-ALMOND-Ice-Cream-So-rich-and-creamy-perfectly-sweet-and-so-delicious-vegan-icecream-recipe-pistachio-almond-dessert-minimalistbaker     4292d99c27311e2ea5bbbcab700d6750 (1)     Sem Título


  •  Go surfing
  • All day at the beach
  • Self tanning at home
  • Buy a vegan magazine
  • Get my hair colored at a vegan stylist
  • Eat in a vegan restaurant
  • Make vegan ice cream at home
  • Run a 5K
  • Get a dream job
  • Paint my nails with a bright red




Giovanni Cosmetics


2CHIC-SHAMP-8 (2)    2CHIC-COND-8.png   2CHIC-FLATIRN-4.png

According to their website:”All our products are vegan except our Magnetic shampoo, conditioner, power treatment, styling gel and styling wax which contains lactoferrin, and our Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub which contains honey.”

I recently bought three of their products(ultra-sleek shampoo,ultra-sleek conditioner and flat iron styling mist) from the 2chic ulta sleek collection.

I was looking for vegan hair products with keratin to prevent damaging my hair too much    ( I´ve been using my flat iron a lot these days). I found out this brand uses a plant-based keratin offering a great alternative to keratin used in most hair products ( this keratin comes from animal sources like animal hooves).

P.S: My hair is very tick and I haven´t found a solution to get ride of that  volume after straighten. Any suggestions,please?