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Hello. Today is about “who I am and why I´m here”.

My name’s Sofia. I’m a 21 year old  vegan enthusiast from Portugal currently living  in Bolton,UK with my amazing husband,Al. A few things have changed in my life since I first start blogging. Searching for more information  about veganism and all its areas for the blog as well as watching the movie Cowspiracy for the first time (you have to watch this, you won´t regret it! ) have opened my eyes for the reality of today´s world. I´m now all in. The vegan diet has now become the food that fuels my body.

My goal is to create a beauty,fashion and lifestyle attractive blog  filled with vegan accessible options worldwide. This space is going to be design to bring you all things vegan.I usually spend an incredible amount of time searching online for ethical companies, new vegan and eco products and I know It can be time consuming so I had the necessity to gather all my discovers in one place to make everyday easier for vegans. I hope my readers are challenged to think about what practices and values are we supporting when spending  our money.


My vision for this blog is for it to be a space of sharing and connection. Where I share my choices and you share yours.




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