Kokoa Eco Beauty Salon: Review


I recently visited this salon and all I have to say about it is good. Great concept just what I was looking for: cruelty-free,vegan and eco-friendly. I had my nails done with Tam and my eyebrows treading with Salma. Both very professional and friendly. Treatments include massages and body exfoliation,pedicure,waxing and facials.

It all started with the owner Akosua Akobeng looking for more natural products to aplly on her face so she created kokoa, a range of  handmade skincare that is now available online.

The salon also offers fun workshops (next on 3rd December)where you´ll learn to make your own products(a natural liquid soap, bath bombs, an exfoliating body scrub and a moisturising butter) than you´ll later take home with you.

I can´t wait to attend one of their workshops and make Kokoa Eco Beauty Salon one of my favourite beauty salons in  North West.





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