5 vegan candles to buy right now

Natural Perfumed Candle - Cotton Flower           

     Jasmine Soy Candle - Natural Hand Poured Strongly scented Vegan Candle

Bakewell Dreams Soy Candle


Left to Right:

  1. Isle of Wolf candles are handmade. Made from 100% pure plant wax and scented with 100% natural essential oils. You can find them in mypure.co.uk with free uk delivery on all orders over £8.50. https://www.mypure.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=isle+of+wolf+canles
  2. Pacifica candles are dye-free and handmade with vegetable soy wax. Free uk delivery on bodykind.com on all orders over £15. http://www.bodykind.com/browse/461-natural-candles.aspx
  3. Cosyhomeco candles are made with eco soy wax. You can have your unique personalized candle or choose from their sweet and inspirational messages.  https://www.etsy.com/shop/cosyhomeco/items
  4. Handmade candles, free from pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified materials (GMM). Free shipping on orders over £30. https://veganbunny.co.uk/
  5. The Vegan Candle Company makes biodegradable ethical soy candles. Free uk delivery on orders over £25 https://www.thevegancandlecompany.co.uk/candles

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