Giovanni Cosmetics


2CHIC-SHAMP-8 (2)    2CHIC-COND-8.png   2CHIC-FLATIRN-4.png

According to their website:”All our products are vegan except our Magnetic shampoo, conditioner, power treatment, styling gel and styling wax which contains lactoferrin, and our Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub which contains honey.”

I recently bought three of their products(ultra-sleek shampoo,ultra-sleek conditioner and flat iron styling mist) from the 2chic ulta sleek collection.

I was looking for vegan hair products with keratin to prevent damaging my hair too much    ( I´ve been using my flat iron a lot these days). I found out this brand uses a plant-based keratin offering a great alternative to keratin used in most hair products ( this keratin comes from animal sources like animal hooves).

P.S: My hair is very tick and I haven´t found a solution to get ride of that  volume after straighten. Any suggestions,please?


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