How I´ve been learning to become a positive thinker.

Play my favourite songs. I like to use Spotify.

Share my inner thoughts with closest people.

Train my mind with midful meditations. I´m following karena meditations on Youtube.

Learn how to love myself for who I am and not who I  want to be.

Engage my mind and soul with my favourtie activities:reading,working out,blogging,etc.


Behind The Scenes at


Hello. Today is about “who I am and why I´m here”.

My name´s Sofia. I am a 21 years old  vegan enthusiast from Portugal currently living  in Bolton,Uk. with my lovely husband,Al. A few things have changed in my life since I first started this blog. Searching for more information about veganism and all its areas for the blog and also watching the movie Cowspiracy for the first time (I beg you. You have to watch this ! ) have opened my eyes for the reality of today´s world.

I´m now all in. The vegan diet has now become the food that fuels my body.

My goal is to create a beauty,fashion and lifestyle attractive blog filled with vegan accessible options worldwide. This space is going to be design to bring you all things vegan.I usually spend an incredible amount of time searching online for ethical companies and new vegan and eco products and I know It can be time consuming so I had this necessity to gather all my discovers in one place to make everyday easier for vegans. Troughout my blog consumers are challenged to think about what practices and values are we supporting when spending our money everyday.


I truly hope this blog will be a space of sharing and connection. Where I share my choices and you share yours.






Ethically made jewellery. Vrai for truth in French.Oro for gold in Spanish.The brand was founded upon three main values: quality,simplicity and transparency.

Made closely in local manufacturers in Los Angeles using only solid gold and diamonds growth in lab by Diamond Foundry. Build to last quality pieces for the modern and environmental conscious woman. For everyday wear,the Fine Jewellery Essentials Collection. Designed to grow with you, the Black Label Collection. For sustainable made and conflict-free diamonds, the Wedding Collection.

Vanessa Stofenmacher and Chelsea Nicholson,the founders: “costumers deserve to know where our costs come from, what they’re paying for, and the true quality of what they’re getting.”  “Tradional mined diamon wasn´t the right fit for us, changes hands way too many times and you really never know if you´re getting something conflict-free. Even the most ethical sources are draining lakes and wreaking havoc on the environment.” Transparency means honesty. That´s why Vrai & Oro founders choose Diamond Foundry as the company diamond source. Diamonds are grown in a plasma reactor and the result is unique and rare real diamonds atomically identical to Earth´s with zero carbon footprint and zero questions about its origin.

This brand sets itself apart from the jewellery industry exactly because its kept truth to its original values of quality,simplicity and transparency. Its ethical practices are an example for future companys and a wake up call for the industry. The world needs informed consumers and consumers need options. Vrai & Oro is an environment-friendly option.


What do you think about this post? Give your opinion and share your favorite ethical jewellery companies.



3 Favourite Affordable Eco-Fashion Brands



I discover this brand one year ago or so and It is such a cool eco-brand. Reformation has lots of vegan options althought in a lot of products the content is unknow so you can´t be sure wheter a piece is vegan or not.

It is not as affordable as Everlane, the next brand on the list, but they´ve launched a new collection,Reformation Jeans, ideal for stock on basics;  jeans,dresses, sweaters,blouses,skirts and jackets. According to the brand one pair of reformation jeans saves an average of 1,468 gallons of water.



This brand is spot on. With good quality basics with just one thing wrong.They don´t ship to the UK, yet! I really hope soon they will… I think their jeans are perfect and I´ve been keeping an eye on the black blazer.

“At Everlane, we want the right choice to be as easy as putting on a great T-shirt. That’s why we partner with the best, ethical factories around the world. Source only the finest materials. And share those stories with you—down to the true cost of every product we make. It’s a new way of doing things. We call it Radical Transparency.”


Saved Kissses Clothing

Perfect clothing for the summer and the days spend by the ocean.

Vegan, sustainable, 100% made in U.S.A. They use biodegradable 92%modal fabric.

Founded by by 27 year-old Alyssa Flynn, “Saved Kisses was born to create excitement for American made eco-friendly clothing with a focus on promoting animal welfare. ”

“Saved Kisses: As gentle on animals & the environment as it is on your skin.”






Kokoa Eco Beauty Salon: Review


I recently visited this salon and all I have to say about it is good. Great concept just what I was looking for: cruelty-free,vegan and eco-friendly. I had my nails done with Tam and my eyebrows treading with Salma. Both very professional and friendly. Treatments include massages and body exfoliation,pedicure,waxing and facials.

It all started with the owner Akosua Akobeng looking for more natural products to aplly on her face so she created kokoa, a range of  handmade skincare that is now available online.

The salon also offers fun workshops (next on 3rd December)where you´ll learn to make your own products(a natural liquid soap, bath bombs, an exfoliating body scrub and a moisturising butter) than you´ll later take home with you.

I can´t wait to attend one of their workshops and make Kokoa Eco Beauty Salon one of my favourite beauty salons in  North West.



5 vegan candles to buy right now

Natural Perfumed Candle - Cotton Flower           

     Jasmine Soy Candle - Natural Hand Poured Strongly scented Vegan Candle

Bakewell Dreams Soy Candle


Left to Right:

  1. Isle of Wolf candles are handmade. Made from 100% pure plant wax and scented with 100% natural essential oils. You can find them in with free uk delivery on all orders over £8.50.
  2. Pacifica candles are dye-free and handmade with vegetable soy wax. Free uk delivery on on all orders over £15.
  3. Cosyhomeco candles are made with eco soy wax. You can have your unique personalized candle or choose from their sweet and inspirational messages.
  4. Handmade candles, free from pesticides, herbicides and genetically modified materials (GMM). Free shipping on orders over £30.
  5. The Vegan Candle Company makes biodegradable ethical soy candles. Free uk delivery on orders over £25